Friday, 7 October 2011

Michael Collings Press release "Fast Car" release

Press Release: London 7/Oct/2011

Michael Collings
‘Fast Car’
Released date 7th November 2011
Radio Date: This Monday 10th October

Michael Collings “Fast Car” is getting 2 million youtube views a month and is 9.6m hits currently. It’s YouTube’s 76th most viewed UK clip of all time. 

After a life changing year, Michael Collings (19) is self releasing his debut single ‘Fast Car’.

Michael Colling’s Britain’s Got Talent (BGT) audition and exposure was the impetus for the original Tracy Chapman song “Fast Car” to race back to #4 in the official UK charts after 23 years.
Simon Cowell said Collings “proves the point that when you’ve got it, you’ve got it. You don’t need any dancers, you don’t need any affects. This is why artists like Adele are doing so well all over the world at the minute. You don’t need gimmicks. You’ve got a great voice and you’ve got soul in your voice.” 
Michael went on to be voted into the BGT final and played a 14 arena tour of the UK including AEG’s O2 Arena & Wembley Arena with Ronan Parke and Jai McDowell.
Michael first auditioned in a distinctive orange hoodie and after a Michael McIntyre joke, he was offered free flights on EasyJet, which he has yet to claim as he has only just got a passport but as yet hasn’t ever left the UK.
Michael Collings learnt to play the guitar on YouTube and now all versions of his performance of “Fast Car” has received over 15 millions hits and over 70,000 likes, His most viewed version is over 9,600,000 hits with the fan uploads making a further 6 million plus views.  Within 4 months it became YouTube’s 76th most viewed UK video of all time.
Despite going on to say Michael was “Absolutely Fantastic”, Cowell did not sign Michael as a recording artist and so without a record label he decided to gamble everything, and quit his £10,000 a year IT apprenticeship to concentrate on music and invest his small savings from the tour to record “Fast Car” at a small studio called Momentum in Plymouth.

The track was mastered at Metropolis Studios London, and the video was filmed at Hammersmith Apollo on 12th September 2011.  He’s managed to record track AND make the video for £985 and hopes that keeping it simple, like his original BGT audition, will appeal to the fans that first voted for him on the show.

Michael is available for print face to face interviews, live and pre-recorded Radio /TV interviews, and live performances of Fast Car on radio and TV. Please contact Harriet/Dan  on / 0207 291 9000 to arrange your interview / performance.

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